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Broken Strings


As co-host of an award-winning country radio show, Colleen Cooper is living her dream despite the steep price she paid to get there. She's no longer the young woman who narrowly escaped her would-be attacker in college. She's stronger. Wiser. Determined never to be that vulnerable again and ready to open her heart to the one thing she’s always denied herself – love.


Jake "JD" Donovan is best known as a country music playboy. After selling out to make it big in the industry, Jake is ready to live life without his record label's puppet strings. And he wants Colleen, the woman he’s always loved, by his side. He intends to record music his way, but when months of anonymous threats escalate to a personal attack on his tour mate, it’s clear someone doesn’t want Jake breaking out on his own.


Jake and Colleen find themselves falling into perfect harmony until she becomes a target. Jake's determined to protect her, but she’s keeping secrets that threaten to undermine his plans. With her former lover as the investigating detective, Jake now has to prove he’s not the one sabotaging his career. More importantly, can he convince Colleen to take a chance on the man's he's become?

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