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Mistletoe Marathon







She thought she landed the perfect job, but what her sexy new boss offers is the perfect pairing.

Amber James has a plan: win the marathon, kiss the man of her dreams, live happily ever after. With only weeks to go until the marathon that will kick start her love life, she finds herself falling not for the man who topped her list, but for the man she hired to train her to win the marathon. Clint Avery is so far out of her league, she knows he’d never give an average girl like Amber a second thought, but then he kisses her and all her plans crumble in the most delicious way possible. She learns that Clint isn’t the man she thought, but complicated, vulnerable, and someone she doesn’t want to live without.

A combat injured soldier and recovering drug addict turned personal trainer, Clint Avery strives to be a good man. He agrees to train Amber for the marathon because that’s his job. She’s in it to win the race in order to gain her best friend’s attention, but the guy only looks at Amber like a sister, making him a fool. Clint keeps his own feelings for Amber under lock and key until an abandoned dog sends him into a PTSD tailspin. Amber handles his episode of rage and self-loathing like no one ever has and when he kisses her, he can’t reel in his desires. She gives up her mission of trying to win another man’s affection and gives herself to Clint, but as more rage and self-loathing surfaces, he knows he doesn’t deserve someone as extraordinary as Amber. Lucky for him, she’s a fighter, not willing to give up on him even when he wants to give up on himself.

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