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Relay For Love


A cancer survivor who celebrates in silence…


Aaron Hawkins is a reporter whose assignment is to report on the Relay For Life fundraiser that Hannah Locke’s team is holding. But the news report turns into a love story he continues to pursue long after it’s gone to press. He doesn’t know loss the way Hannah does, but he knows fear and guilt, both of which resurface as he struggles with how to tell her that he survived the same cancer that took her husband.


A widow who remembers the man she lost…


Still heartbroken from the loss of her husband to cancer five years ago, Hannah has a simple formula for happiness that doesn’t include falling in love. Her calculation stops adding up the moment she locks on to Aaron’s mesmerizing eyes. Even the memories of the man she vowed to love forever can’t keep her heart from learning to love again. And Hannah finds that Aaron’s nice-guy charm and bad-boy sex appeal are only a small part of the man who brings happiness back into her life.


A fight back where two hearts battle to be together…


After Aaron confesses his love, Hannah has her own revelation and longs to surrender to the love she feels in heart. Then she discovers Aaron’s secret and the memories of what she already lost to cancer have her running from him. Her efforts to get back to her simple formula turn futile, though, because her heart already belongs to Aaron. When she finally admits her love, their hearts come together to fight back against cancer together.

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