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The Sound of Consequence

One night of passion changes their lives forever.

Stacie Nightingale has quit her teaching job mid-year, left her fiancé without a word, and moved across country on an impulse. Even more reckless, the aspiring author has had a one-night stand with a man she doesn’t even know…a man she discovers is her new neighbor. She soon finds herself in a relationship she neither wants nor wants to give up. Like the lingering effects of the car accident that caused her impulsive behavior, Stacie tries to ignore the way he makes her heart race.  What she learns is that some things should never be ignored…or kept secret.


Computer security expert Owen Landry has been divorced twice from cheating wives. That alone should make the discharged soldier gun-shy about jumping into a relationship with someone as secretive as Stacie. Owen has always ignored his instincts about women, but this time he’s listening to his inner radar. He’s ready to leave the past behind and forge a new life…with Stacie. Even though he doesn’t like to keep secrets, he’s scared his past will make Stacie run. Even if she can look beyond his past, her secrets cause him to question his own heart. Then he realizes she’s suffering from post-traumatic stress and a traumatic brain injury that may as well be a ticking bomb. With their future in jeopardy, they find love is the best way to leave the past behind.

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