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The Sound of Suspicion

When the past threatens their future…
suspicion brings them closer together.

For Owen Landry, the world is perfect until he asks his girlfriend Stacie to move in with him. Shortly after she says no, with no real excuse except that his daughter is coming to visit, his ex-wife shows up at his door and starts doing what she does best – inflicting her poisonous ways on Owen’s life.  While trying to figure out if the one year old his ex left at his door is actually his son, Owen realizes he can’t trust anyone and suspects the secrets Stacie is keeping are one more nail in the coffin of their doomed relationship. He turns to bourbon, his abusive father’s answer to the problems that test a man, and realizes he’s more like the man than he ever wanted to admit.


Stacie Nightingale wants to move in with Owen, but ten years with the wrong man has her reluctant to take that next step. She has to get past what she refers to as her Armageddon day, the day she was supposed to marry her ex and what would have been the biggest mistake of her life. While the looming date has her distracted, she knows when it passes, so will her feelings of dread and self-doubt. She doesn’t want to hurt Owen, but he knows her too well to let her distractions just fade with the twilight. His ex-wife’s timing couldn’t be worse, and Stacie is forced to face her own demons in order to help Owen fight his.

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