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Whisper to a Scream

The healing power of music, friendship, and love....

Skye Everhart left the best part of herself in Afghanistan. With her fiancé’s blood on her hands, life has become a bitter pill to swallow, leaving her with no will to cope with the PTSD that haunts her. Her addiction to prescription painkillers isn’t enough to mask the pain from the explosion that killed the man she wasn’t supposed to love, the same explosion that bought her a medical discharge from her career in the U.S. Army and a one-way ticket home. When she turns to street drugs to hide from reality, her lifelong best friend, Noah Carbonneau, pulls her off her knees and gives her hope. Skye may have given up on herself, but Noah hasn’t. They share a love of Bon Jovi and with the songs as their prayers and Noah’s love for Skye, he’ll help her combat wounds heal and free her from the guilt she can’t seem to face. Skye soon remembers that even when you want to give up, love is worth the fight, and with Noah in her heart and by her side, she’ll once again learn to love the world she’s living in.

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