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Featured Author: Christyne Butler

To celebrate Veteran's Day, today's featured author from my Release Day Facebook Party for The Sound of Circumstance is my NHRWA and RomVets sister, Christyne Butler.

Christyne is a USA Today Bestselling Author. She writes romance stories that feature Sassy Women, Smart Men, and Small Town America. Christyne served in the U.S. Navy and one of my favorite things about her is her no-nonsense approach to getting things done! She has over a dozen novels to her name, most of them published by Harlequin Special Edition.

You can find Christyne's books here, including direct links to purchase your own copies! But if you visit her Facebook page, you can connect to the Harlequin store for a special sale on most of her ebooks.

You can also catch up with Christyne on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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