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Featured Author: Melinda Curtis

As the countdown continues to my Release Day Facebook Party for The Sound of Circumstance, I'd like to introduce Melinda Curtis who is also celebrating a book release this week!!

Melinda's new release is A Memory Away, a Harmony Valley novel from Harlequin Heartwarming. Be sure to hit the celebration on Facebook! The party is already going on!!

I met Melinda in San Antonio at the RWA National Conference. I needed a seat during lunch and one of the few remaining seats was next to her. We hit it off and kept running into each other - something I call a message from the universe! Finally at the Starbucks at the airport, we agreed to work together and thus I joined the Book Boyfriends Cafe.

You can find Melinda's books here!

You can also catch up with Melinda on Facebook, and Twitter.

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